No matter what you try, no matter what you do, no matter how you try to please, it just never seems good enough, so it must be you!

We all feel like that from time to time. For some it is a one-off day, even just a few hours.  For others however, this can drag on for days, weeks, months - maybe for what seems like ever.

Sometimes we feel bombproof, nothing can knock us off track, but when that is not the case, here are a few ways to help pull things around...

Focus on Now 

Can you change yesterday ? No!  Can you really know what is going to happen tomorrow? No!  There is nothing you can do about either situation, there is only now. By focussing on right now, and what you are doing, there is a chance you can do your best and be your best. There is only now.  Before has gone, and next is yet to happen.

Positive Thinking

The brain is a brilliant thing, and it responds to positive thought. By having a positive vision and living into it, there is a far greater chance of a positive outcome. Instead of thinking 'what if it all goes wrong', think 'what if it all goes right'.

There is more right with you than wrong

If you scored 99% in everything you ever did, you would be delighted, even 90% would be an outstanding achievement. The likelihood is, that you exceed 99% most of the time, yet dwell on the small amount, less than 1% which troubles you.  Take a musician who plays brilliantly for 498 bars of a piece of music, then messes up a two bar passage. They have performed at 99.6% perfection, yet will dwell on the 0.4%. Celebrate the great success which much of your life is, not regret the small things.

Perfectionism isn't always best

If you were perfect, what would you learn? Howe could you improve, and how would you impart your great knowledge and experience to others? Don't get hung up on this, just try to be a little bit better you than you were yesterday.

Care & Love yourself

Be who you are, and put on your oxygen mask.  Take time to do things for you, as without doing that, you will be less benefit to those around you. Just like on a plane, put on your own oxygen mask first before trying to help others. Far from being selfish, it is a very generous thing to do, as then, you can be the best you there is.

Write things down

Keep a track of what you do, where you have come from, and the progress you have made.  When moving forward in life, it is easy to forget how far you have come.  Reflecting back on your journey will give a huge boost to how you feel and how well you have done.

Keep a Diary

To reflect on your feelings and how they have changed over time! It is fascinating to see the change and reflect back. You can express your thoughts in detail, which may help with your thoughts.

There is always a way to move forward

This is a massive one - there is NEVER anything which is too big, too deep, or too dark to overcome. You may not be able to see the right way, or indeed any way, but there IS always a way.  It may be that you need specialist help to find it.  It may be just chatting with a friend or trusted person, but rest assured, there is always a way forwards.

Sometimes, it is too late for us to help people. Regular readers will know of some of my good friends who did not believe there was a logical way forward.  They took (to us) what seemed a rather illogical way ahead, which was to take their own lives. Sadly, they could not see a way forwards, or feel able to reach out and ask for additional help. There were ways forwards, but the cumulative pressures took their toll.

This is why I want to reach out to those who are struggling, who cannot make sense, and cannot see that way forwards from their position in life. 

You are good enough, you are of benefit to others, and there is always a way forwards. 

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life