Today is an important day for Russell and Wendy Davison.  Sunday 14th May is a special ceremonial celebration of Wendy's life.

Listening to their story on the radio on Friday, I was blown away by the peace and tranquility which Russell and his family experienced through a very natural way in dealing both with Wendy's illness and her death last month.

10 years ago, Wendy was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she was told she had just 6 months to live.

Rather than resort to modern day medicine, together, her and Russell investigated natural medicine in order to cope with her illness.  10 years later, on 21st April 2017, she passed away aged 50.

During their journey together, Russell and Wendy had drawn their own approach to life and death from various cultures and experiences.  As in life, rather than resort to a clinical experience after death, they chose to honour Wendy in a natural manner, giving the family time to deal with her passing.

The next six days were a period of appreciation and gentle letting go, and as Russell said, far better than seeing Wendy being zipped up in a black plastic bag and put in a fridge.

The attached article is well worth your time to read it.  Russell and Wendy have shared a magical journey, and a magical experience when that part ot their journey has ended.

Listening to the interview, I was left full of admiration for Russell, and full of appreciation and thought, that just because what some people do is not the societal norm, that does not mean it should be discounted, but rather understood and considered.  As Russell said, 'it was the other way that started to feel not right'.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life