If you were to be asked on the spur of the moment, 'what matters most' the chances are, you may not answer with 'purpose, time, health and relationships'.

'My job, my house, my car' may come into it, or even a task which someone has set you may be at the forefront of your mind.

The difficulty which many of us face, is that the modern life heaps untold pressures upon us, making us focus on things which we think are deeply important, essential and crucial.  In reality, when we take the time to step back, reflect and contemplate what are truly the most important things, where we end up spending our emotional currency, our time and our money, may in fact be a great distance from the truth. All this serves to do, is to mentally paralyse us, stopping our happiness in it's tracks.

In Cornwall, we seem to be in the midst of an epidemic of people who can no longer face the pressures of this modern life, and, tragically, in their deepest hour of despair, choose to take the only option they can see - to end their life.  When we are lost, deeply unhappy, and unable to see a way forward, sometimes, that may well seem the best route for those around us, to relieve them from the burden.

By finding someone to talk to, and help put things into a practical perspective as opposed to the stories we have made up in our own minds (usually about things which will never happen) there is a chance of moving forwards, of recapturing that spark, and of regaining that self-esteem.

Carl Phillips has outlined what he believes to be the 4 most important things in life ...

A purpose in life drives our passions, our enthusiasm and our approach to living. It is that thing which makes you want to get up in the morning, it gets you excited, and, when you are asked to talk about it, there really is no shortage of words or difficulty to speak.

Our battle with having enough time seems to be an ever constant. In reality, the battle is where you choose to allocate your time. Figure out what is really important, and you can start to figure out where you should allocate your time to bring maximum happiness. It can be as simple as dedicating 15 minutes a day to something - that is intentionally living and planning.

Our health is very similar to our time. Yes, modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but even so, you only have one body, you only have one brain.  Be kind to it, help it stay as good as it can be. Once it starts to falter and fail, it is probably too late to start panicking.

It is also easy to get wrapped up in everyone else's dramas, focussing attention and energy on everyone else and their needs instead of your relationship with those nearest to you.  I am not saying go about life letting others down all the time, but do remember those who are the most important people in your life.  Your spouse, your children - they are the ones who would hold your hand as you fight for your last breath, so never feel bad about prioritising their needs over others.

Combine all four aspects together, putting them into perspective, and with a purpose, with time, your health and strong relationships, it matters not whether you own a mansion, or travel around the country in a converted ambulance, that is a life bringing happiness and joy.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life.