Financial Services industry visionary George Kinder has recently given his thoughts on the two main designations in the industry - Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner status.  

For years there has been much debate over which is the 'best' and the most beneficial to clients. George however takes the standpoint, that the qualifications, whilst they require huge amounts of knowledge to attain, still lead predominantly to product sales and solutions.  

Surely, the point of engaging in 'independent advice' is to receive just that - advice which is independent of selling products to be paid, hit targets, of have any other number of angles placed upon it which has plagued the industry for years.

George founded the concept of Financial Life Planning (in which all Serenity advisers are trained) and aspires to deliver  a dedication first and foremost to freedom for every client. This requires authenticity and integrity in every aspect of our engagement along with the human qualities of care and inspiration in our delivery, with no conflicts of interest, no ties to product companies.

The key thing here, is that irrespective of qualification, the key people who matter are clients, those people who are keep to be guided in the right direction for them, not just for the sake of an industry giant or quick profit.

There is no greater professional delight than seeing clients' lives change and light up as they follow a new financial life plan, bringing together their personal aspirations, a robust financial approach, and seeing their regrets and worries subside. That is what we call Life Planning!

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life