All of my readers will by now be familiar with Bandtastic - our fundraising event in aid of Cornwall Search and Rescue Team and Carrick MIND.  It takes place on 24th May, and will raise over £12,000 for those two Cornish charities.

As the build up to the event, this week we are focussing on a number of areas, all interlinked with the topics of mental health and money worries :

Monday - 10 Signs That You Are Stressed

Tuesday - How to deal with six of the most stressful money situations

Wednesday - Depression is a form of brain damage

Thursday - A Bandtastic Reflection

Friday - Where to get help online (without speaking to anyone)

Through money worries, stress, physical implications and the fear of asking for help, every single one of us may be affected by what we hear, see and feel.

Everyone is familiar with where to find help, the major issue, is having the desire to ask - and therein lies the challenge.  Who do we FEEL we can turn to ? Who will not judge me ? Who will understand ? Who will be able to help?

This week, we hope to give you early warning signs, make sense of things, and point you in the right direction.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life