Day 1 of our week long special around Stress, Money and Depression - 10 signs that you are stressed.

Yet again, the wonderful people at Brightside have come up with a very simple video, outlining a few key points - and it certainly makes you think.

For those who are too stressed and busy to watch the video, the 10 signs are :

1. You have poor sleep

2. You suffer from weight fluctuations (without purposely changing diet)

3. You have a constant feeling of anxiety

4. You suffer from frequent mood swings

5. You have worsening concentration and poor memory

6. You have a lack of interest in anything

7. You have an irritation and mis-trust of others

8. You continually feel like crying

9. You bite your lips and finger nails

10. Your hair starts to fall out.

If you can identify with any of those, the chances are, you are suffering from an extended position of stress. These signs of course are only the ones you can notice, there is much more going on in the body which is storing up problems for the future.

Now is the time to start thinking about doing something, asking for help, or if that seems too daunting, to have a look on the web for some self help pages.

Keep getting through today, and see what tomorrow brings.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life