Sat here with an emotional hangover after the last incredible 2 days, it seems ever more important to signpost where people can go when the need help, but do not want to speak to someone about it.

A significant and clear message came from our Bandtastic fundraising concert in aid of Carrick MIND and Cornwall Search and Rescue - a message which is more significant every day as here in Cornwall, the biggest killer of men under 49 remains as suicide.

As Nel Wilton said this morning during the very powerful story about the death of her husband in 2013, men tend not to talk and open up about our emotions, we bury it, store it up, then boom, we can take no more, and take what seems to be a logical action to our troubled mind, but what seems totally illogical to everyone else.

The hard thing, is to find the courage, the bravery, and the desire to ask for help.  If we won't ask for help when we are lost in a new town, what change is there of asking for help when we are lost in our depressive thoughts.

MIND have produced a great resource around money and mental health.  The best bit men, you do not have to talk to anyone, so, as long as someone isn't looking over your shoulder, you can have a sneaky look at section 5 - 'Look After Yourself'.   Be careful though, you wouldn't want your partner finding out that you are not the invincible macho man you think you should be, or do they are about your happiness far more than you think?  I suspect they do!

The page on the site covers :


Self Esteem





all things which can be managed to make life a little easier to cope with.

Your partner and friends would much rather have an emotional person asking for help, than a void in their life, and waking up every moment, asking that one question....  WHY???

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life