When trying to make a change or to stick to a daily plan, it is true that something, no matter how small, is better than nothing.  

Those days when you are really struggling to get motivated, to stick to the plan, and to keep moving forward are when, if you can have default to fall back to, that is a game saver.  

If you plan to run 3 miles every day, but the default is a 1 mile walk, at least you are doing something. If you plan to follow a progressive yoga plan every day, but have a default 15 minute routine, again, you are doing something, which is better than nothing.

A month or so ago, I found my schedule very busy indeed, even with my usual early mornings, time was at a real premium, so I used my default yoga session.  Now, that is my fail-safe, the thing I can do, no matter what, Flexible Fifteen is perfect for just slotting in that time, even if last thing at night - it keeps me going.

The fail-safe is great, a perfect fall back, however, when the fail-safe becomes the norm, gradually, day by day, the progress halts.  Some muscles remain in shape, but the rest start to ease back (incidentally, the same happens with brass players when they are rehearsing just one piece of music day after day, week after week - whilst they can perform that one piece to a high standard, other disciplines may suddenly become a lot more difficult).  The default becomes the norm, which whilst better than nothing, is not as good as a regular progress.

Last week, returning to the progressive sessions, moves and poses which previously were seemingly simple, now seemed to be almost impossible. Longer sessions seemed arduous, and the whole thing seemed as hard as day one.

The lesson to learn, is that a default that minimum is absolutely key, but the important learning point here is to only use it as an occasional default, not to use it as the norm.  

Be it health, exercise, music, business, or whatever, when the default becomes the norm, progress slows, and in the present world, that means that you are probably going backwards.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life