Cast your mind back to the last time you went running, swimming or any form of exercise.  When was that exercise the easiest for you?  When did you feel invincible?  When was it that you went faster than any other time?

This dawned on me over the last few weeks of running.  Starting off, it is hard beyond belief as the body warms up, still it is a real plod. A couple of miles later with the end in sight, and all of a sudden, things speed up, everything becomes light, and that same process of taking one step after another becomes easy, almost enjoyable.

The same applies for many things we work towards, it is the starting which is the difficulty, to get the motion in place, then, as we warm up, get used to it, and can see the goal in view, all of a sudden, things become simple. 

Is it the knowledge that it is nearly over ? Is it a sense of achievement ?  Is it the wonderful workings of the brain and it's infinite channels of development?

My very good friend 'The Reluctant Salesman' Terry Mullins tells of a time he was working with a company (I think it was British Gas) who could not figure out why those who had exceeded target all of a sudden sold much more.  Terry's solution - reduce their targets.  Guess what ?  They all sold more - the pressure was off.

Either way, whatever is right, when it is tough, when you just start, and when it looks daunting, just keep going.  Every step you take is one nearer to the goal, and at some stage, you WILL feel that you are floating on air.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life