A few years ago, I became across  Emmaus, a homelessness charity which gives people a sense of belonging, a purpose and a place to live.

I ran the London Marathon with someone who had been helped by the charity after many years of personal anguish and homelessness.

An incredible 86% of people surveyed in the Homeless Link Health Audit reported some form of mental health issue.

Living with a mental health issue is challenging enough in a supportive stable environment, so it is unimaginable as to how this must be if you do not have a home.

Whether it is the mental anguish which led to homelessness, or whether it was the homelessness which led to mental anguish, the important thing to remember is to try to understand the challenges people in society face.  You can have an insight into some of the Emmaus Companions by reading the attached article.

For every ten homeless people you walk by, statistically, only one doesn't have a mental health issue, now that is a sobering thought.