Everyone needs a coach to keep them on track, keep them moving forward, and to keep them in good working order.

Nick Littlehales is a top health coach, and in his book Sleep, outlines 6 conditions for getting a good night of sleep.

Here they are, and at this time of year, may seem even more significant as the bright early mornings may start to impact on your waking up time.

1. Sleep is measured in 1.5 hour cycles, so plan it backwards - incredibly,  it is  best to wait until the next complete cycle, than go to sleep in the middle of one

2. Sleep in the fetal position - sleeping on the right helps the heart to work normally and don't sleep on your front - this stops the brain receiving the blood it needs - so you wake up with a headache

3. Set the temperature to 16-18 degrees - to save overnight dehydration

4. Choose the right bedroom items - the mattress is less important than you think

5. Make the room as dark as possible, cover illuminated displays (or even better, leave them out of the room altogether)

6. Eat the right food - avoid caffeine, sugary or fatty foods.  These make the body work hard to digest and raise your temperature (hence the beer and curry sweats).

No need to try everything at once, just adopt one thing at a time and see if it works for you. Darkness and food seem to be the easiest to be in control of.  For more information, click through onto the link from those great people at Brightside...

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life