Today we are looking a the impact which one small drop can have on the whole impact of how you feel. 

Chatting to a good friend and fellow life planner this week, he told me of his recent experience...

His son plays football. At the club there are three teams, and each match, a player is awarded player of the match.  My pal thought it would be great if the winner could have a trophy to take home to keep for the week, and after checking it out with a few others and the coach, it was agreed. 

The cost per parent (it seems fair that everyone's child has a chance of winning) to provide a trophy for each team was around £2 per parent.

Let's just stop for a moment and think where you have spent £2 at various stages through this week, I bet there are scores of occasions where you could have saved £2.

My pal emailed out to all the other parents, saying what had been discussed and proposed, and asking them to bring £2 to the next training session.


You cannot imagine some of the anger he encountered, £2 and a chance for their child to have their esteem boosted by having the player of the match trophy at home for a week, but no, criticism, abuse, hurt, all of these things came his way (from a minority).

So, all of his best intentions, although he had the support of many, were completely dashed. His energy sapped and enthusiasm dented, just because of one drop of negativity (in this case there were a couple of drops, but I am sure you can recognise the sentiments).

It's tough sometimes, and even though he had much support and an idea to commend, just those few drops of ink coloured his emotions, and made everything seem completely different.

So remember, if you can go through life getting everything 99% right, that isn't bad at all, and then try not to focus on that one drop of ink.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life