Daily readers will appreciate this, and writers even moreso, of the importance to get a good headline, but also the comment that you generally see when this appears in your social media feed.

The headline should sum up the content, or at least wet the appetite, and the lead in in your feed should hopefully attract your attention, inspiring you to click further through.

Either way, it is about reading what has been written (otherwise you may find yourself liking or sharing something which you may not agree with).

In 2014, NPR used the headline - 'Why doesn't America read anymore?'  The outcome ?  Many many people not reading the article, just assuming they knew what it was going to say, and posting lengthy comments about the article. All they asked the reader to do, was to 'like' the article.

Whether it is headlines in literacy, or headlines in life, assuming what is being stated, making our own stories up, and firing off with out the knowledge is all very dangerous.  By taking the time to discover the truth, act on the facts, and pay attention, then there is a greater chance of a more productive outcome.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life