It often amazes me how some of the simple things in life can bring happiness.  Even more interesting, is how many of the 10 simple ways below crop up in our clients' life planning discussions,  be it to get fitter, feel better, find greater ease around life, and do more for others.

Here is why you should have a go at each in turn...

1. Exercise more - even if it is only 7 minutes a day

2. Sleep more - you'll be less sensitive to negative emotions

3. Move closer to work - a short commute is worth more than a big house

4. Spend time with friends and family - don't regret it on your death-bed

5. Go outside - happiness is maximised at 13.9 degrees

6. Help others - 100 hours a year is the magical number

7. Practice smiling - it can alleviate pain

8. Plan a trip - but don't take one

9. Meditate - rewire your brain for happiness

10. Practise gratitude - increase both happiness and life satisfaction

You need to click through to read the full breakdown of benefits, but rest assured, you are not alone if you want to achieve some or all of the above.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life