Picture this, Saturday morning, our daughter decides she wants to do some baking, and rather appropriately we have the La La Land soundtrack playing in the background.

Em is a very creative person, immerses herself entirely in what she does, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else around her. An absolute angel, full of fun, love, and one who (for a relatively structured household) sometimes leads to a degree of frustration at times (hence the appropriateness of the soundtrack).

Bun batter mixed, oven up to heat, time ticks by, still no chance of the buns being put in the oven, and then we are treated to ... pirouetting across the kitchen to the sound of the music.

Two responses could follow, one would be to find the whole episode hugely frustrating (which it can be), the other, is to embrace the fun, the independence, the creative wonderful world in which she has immersed herself today.

In 10, 20 or 30 years time, we would no doubt do anything for such a morning again, in the meantime, we will enjoy the buns, enjoy the fun, and enjoy another day of sun in Em Em Land.

Savour your little ones, the time will quickly come when they are no longer little, and the innocent fun is replaced by the challenges of life which we are all too familiar with.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life