The other day, I shared on Facebook a video of a lady who is 89 completing a workout on the parallel bars. Going one step further, there is a 98 year old yoga teacher in New York!

So what is it which keeps these people fit and healthy - and young looking (ok, they do not look 18 any more, but hey, who does anyone once they encounter the real world?).

Exercise seems to be the key, but it is not just trimming down the waistline that is the only benefit - here are a few others :

1. Exercise keeps your skin glowing and soft - when you sweat, your pores clear out the dirt and grime, it also helps your skin stop sagging.

2. Exercise increases stature - both pilates and yoga strengthen muscles and correct bad posture, which makes you look taller and improves balance.

3. Exercise improves your posture - building muscle and bone strength, a stronger core, and giving you that 'feel good' factor to stop slouching.

4. Exercise kicks up your metabolism - aging slows our metabolism, but exercise counteracts this, improving the burning of visceral fat (the fat around your organs).

5. Exercise improves your flexibility - back to pilates and yoga again, they keep you moving and strengthens your ability to keep doing every-day stuff.

Exercise  to keep you young, is not necessarily about running a marathon, training for a mountain climb, or swimming an ocean. Some regular stretching and frequent 'sweat inducing' exercise is all that is needed.

One step today, two steps tomorrow - that is still progress.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life