Let me start by saying that I do not do political posts. I did however study business, housing and politics at university, all of which have seemed to have played an integral part in the UK over the past couple of days.

In a society which has all too often been blighted by the pursuit of wealth, ego, power and greed, more and more, the enlightened are turning to those who care about others - who show a genuine interest in people. Those who want to do good and make others feel good about themselves.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen some evident examples of great contrast, and I am sure we can all recognise many other examples in our lives.

Take the election - down in Cornwall, we saw the Prime Minister visit a factory, but the press were not allowed to talk to her. A number of hustings or debates were avoided by her.  Now whilst this may have been a carefully thought out strategy, all it seems to have created was an air of aloofness. Fast forward to yesterday, when the Prime Minister visited North Kensington to the scene of the horrific tower fire, and whilst she meets the emergency service workers, the residents and survivors are completely avoided.  Imagine for one moment, having the 'most significant' politician in the country visit your own scene of devastation and tragedy, yet they will not speak to or afford you any time at all.

In contrast, look at the actions, love and affection of many 'celebrities' both over the events in London and the terrifying event in Manchester recently. They showed themselves to care about people, about others.

There are many organisations, where leadership may change over time. It may go from a very warm and 'interested' approach, to distant, aloof and stand-offish.  This approach does nothing for those associated to it, to the public or the long term good of the organisation.  In business we see this frequently, and in the end, both staff and customers just walk away.

At Serenity, we have always focussed on the person and our relationship with then first and foremost.  Whilst a road to riches may be to focus on the pursuit of 'more' (bigger investments, more clients, spending less time with individuals to cram more people in the diary), for us, it is about properly looking after those who we work with, developing our relationship with them (not their money) so that they can call on us when they need us most - which often is not  just when they need financial advice. 

Call it a life and financial concierge service if you like - that is probably a pretty good description. It puts the person at the centre of the relationship, and that is what matters to us most.

Be kind, think of others, and always remain approachable.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life