How many leaders (be it in business, social life of your personal life), who thinks it is all about them?

Everything should revolve around them, their solutions and answers are always right, and of course, their decisions are never wrong or to be questioned. Further more, when things go wrong, guess who is to blame ?  That's right - it's the team!

In this short video, a US Navy Seal explains that often, it is not the team which needs fixing, but the leader.  

The trouble of course in many situations is that frequently, it is the leader's rules, the leader's ball and the leader's pitch.  At that point, their ego becomes even more inflated, they hit our even more at everyone around them, and need to prove even more that they are right.  There is obviously no good in the team, they are all to blame.

This is why most people resign from their boss not their job, or they lose complete interest in a past-time all of a sudden.

The emphasis on the leader being one of the team, the guide, yet the supportive person who includes and supports everyone is ever more key in today's world. Many people have great ideas, their reach can be vast, so to ignore their ideas, thoughts and opinions just because they are junior, serves only to lose their enthusiasm. good will and energy.

At Serenity, we are blessed with a great leader - one who is supportive, keen to listen, learn, and support all those around her. Tina Week's approach enables that positive culture to run throughout the company, inspiring all who work within it, and come into contact with it.

We may not be US Navy Seals, but we still have a huge impact on people's futures.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life