I am sure that we are all guilty of this - posting the 'perfect images' on Facebook.  Carefully staged photos and images showing how great everything is.

Just imagine (and this could be fun, embarrassing or even hugely uncomfortable) posting the opposite of everything you normally would - so that a true portrait is displayed.

Instead of a picture of happy smiling children, how about a huge tantrum?  Replace that sunny patio shot with the rain hammering down on the bins. The stunning lunch photo, well how about exchanging that for a plate of something random that you found in the freezer (it's usually brown, maybe with some tomatoes in isn't it?).

The point of this, is (a) to have a bit of fun - would you dare post the awful photos?  and (b) to realise that the rest of the world isn't perfect, in fact most people are just like you, some things are great, some things are not so great.

So when you see all the wonderful posts, don't take it to heart, what you are seeing is a snapshot of the very best bits of other people's lives.  

(p.s. that is not my bin)

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life