After yesterday's post about what your work gives you, here is another career related thought provoker today...

What work or career related dream have you left on the shelf?

When speaking with a client today, he seemed a little downbeat about his whole career and working-life, it just didn't excite him, in fact, it almost seemed to drain him.

Five minutes later, and we were talking about a long term business dream, one which I have been aware of for many years.  His eyes lit up, he became enthused, excited and incredibly upbeat. He was in fact, positively vibrant.

This suddenly brought home to me, the number of people who must be doing what they are doing, because that is what they do - sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident, but frequently by default.  Whilst that is ok, if it doesn't spark joy and happiness, those hours, days, weeks and years of their working life must seem like torture at times.

Imagine that (maybe even this is you), day after day of drudgery, of slog, of non-enjoyment. No spark, no happiness, no enthusiasm or passion, just one mundane day after another.

Cast your mind back years and years, and ask  yourself these questions :

1. What is it that you really wanted to do when you were young?

2. What fun and excitement did those thoughts conjure up?

3. What job or career are you doing now?

4. What fun and excitement does that bring up?

5. What ways could you find to recapture the feelings you had from question 2?

Sometimes it is not doing exactly what you have always wanted to, but finding a viable alternative which replicates those feelings.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life