How many times have you been planning a day, a trip or an occasion with children, onto to find that what you view as the most significant or special part to you, really doesn't matter to them.

Ask a child their favourite bit of a holiday and you may well find that it is far removed from what you thought.  A few years ago we had a holiday in France, and we have some great memories (we also each had a sickness bug).  What is it that Em loved the most?  Going in the outside pool! (which by the way was freezing).

As parents, when we try to concoct an experience, a time, a 'special day' it is essential to remember that our children see things very differently indeed. It is the seemingly mundane or ordinary things to us, which are incredible and exciting to them.

So rather than trying to 'create', often, it is best to go with the flow, see what happens, and allow the children to have fun doing what brings them joy. True, at the time, it may not slot into our agenda, but I bet, when you reflect back on it afterwards, that basic, uncomplicated fun remains a very strong memory indeed.

I still remember how cold that pool in France was, but I also remember Em's delight while she was enjoying it, and that is what really counts.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life