Have a click through to the attached video - an incredible watch, and invites us to reflect on why we attach labels to everything.

Labels lead to pre-judging, and in this video, as the various groups are introduced, just check in with your own thoughts and feelings about them - the nurses, the tough-guys and so on.  I am sure many of the same feelings will arise amongst viewers.  

You now have preconceived ideas about these people - attachments to who they are and how they are likely to behave.

In the same way they are judged by others, perhaps, by being grouped together, they to fit an expected manner of behaviour or attitude (check out the way the tough guys all stand the same).

Then comes the interesting bit - other classifications  are brought into the equation. These are nothing to do with job or image, but things which span the social spectrum.  

These now introduce recent actions, sexuality, whether they are step-parents, if they were bullied, or (and one of the very emotional ones) bullied others.

We now see the original distinctions fall away, and people finding they have far more in common than they first thought or pre-conceived. 

When we pre-judge others, we run the risk of missing out so much richness and wealth of personality. Quite simply, this is why labels do not matter, and explains why we shouldn't put people in boxes.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life