I guess at one time or another, we are all guilty of snapping away, on our camera, storing all those wonderful memories, then failing to do anything else with them.

Weeks, months and sometimes years go by, and we have done nothing to store or organise them.  Time passes, and possibly when we dig out the camera for the next holiday or special occasion, and suddenly come across those precious snaps from yesteryear. 

This happened to us this weekend.  For our daughter's birthday, we charged up the camera batteries, and started snapping away.  Only yesterday when we started looking through the photos of the afternoon, did we come across some wonderful precious memories from 3 years ago. The holiday to France (the one with the freezing pool), several birthdays, and many other special events came flooding across the screen (including the day that Ellie not only carried, but ate much of our baguette on holiday).

Whilst we had the unexpected surprise of these happy memories flooding back, this was tinged with an element of guilt, that these had almost been lost for ever.

Some good friends of mine routinely dedicate time to merge holiday and special event photos and video footage into a film (iMovie is their software of choice). Rather than watch mindless TV on a Saturday evening, one of their favourite pastimes is spending the evening to watch their memories. This is not flicking through photos, but rather enjoying something carefully crafted together, set to music.

What they have managed to secure is a timebank of special memories, and what is more, they know where they are, how to access them, and all safe with the knowledge, that those special times are not lost or forgotten.

So here is a task for those windy autumn evenings, when the nights have closed in, and this summer remains just a memory - start to collate those special photos, do them justice, and lighten up your winter.

A top tip is to start with the most recent ones, then work backwards (otherwise the task will seem too daunting).

Memories are special, and evoke some of the strongest feelings we can imagine.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life