Wow - bold claims, and don't they sound incredible. 

What can this wonder exercise be? Surely it must be part of a $279 package of DVDs, or need a £189 a month subscription? Maybe it needs a fortune spending on equipment, cycles of this, and circuits of that?

Maybe, just maybe, it needs only a pair of running shoes, some shorts and a t shirt - kit which most of us have at home!

At Serenity we are big on yoga and meditation, both of which, we have found make huge impacts on the way we are. Add to that a vigorous aerobic exercise (from some of us running around our stunning Lincolnshire countryside, London parks, or Cornish coast, through to brisk walks across the Yorkshire dales), and it seems, that is key to increased brain function.

In the attached 6 minute read (that is about two thirds of a mile if you run it), Justin Brown outlines the very many benefits of running.  If however, you are more of a Usain Bolt, here are a couple of the headlines ...

Vigorous exercise triggers the birth of new neurons in the brain - especially in the hippocampus, which is where learning and memory are housed.

Increased blood flow to the frontal lobe promotes clear thinking, planning skills and focus.

All this takes is between 30-40 minutes, and I bet that the time spent will be recovered multiple times over as you attain greater clarity, purpose and recall.

You don't have to run marathons to change the way you are, little and often (only 3.5 miles at a time) seems to be the optimum level to change the way your brain works.  Plus of course there are a whole bunch of other health benefits to help you through life.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life