A lesson is repeated until it is learned.

If we keep doing things the same way, it is likely that the same result will follow. if of course we want a different result, then we need to change our behaviour - learn the lesson.

As we grow, we develop an understanding a ways of dealing with circumstances. We are in control of those circumstances, and when we learn the lesson, things change and we can move on.

If we do not learn the lesson, it keeps repeating itself.

A great example here is a yoyo dieter. They work hard to lose the weight they have put on, slim down for the holiday, then return to gluttony for two weeks, undoing all the good work. Eleven months later, that awareness that the next holiday is on the horizon, and again, the Slimfast shakes are brought from the back of the cupboard. Until the lesson of moderation and healthy eating is learned, the lesson will keep repeating itself.

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