So how can that be ? By not getting things quite right, how can that possibly be better than being spot on first time?

Last week we posted an article about how you can generally shape your own destiny, and quoted the American speaker Larry Wingett by saying 'your life is your own fault'.  Larry goes on to say that you can control your future, and if you have a bad life, it is (arguably) because of whatever you have done (or failed to do) to create something else.

Taking a slightly more gentle stance, we take the view that you are generally in control much of what happens to you, although our headline and title more closely followed Larry's view.

One of our regular readers contacted us to let us know that she did not agree with our headline, and that it was a very general comment and not necessarily fair.  Point taken, and in line with our ongoing desire to appreciate and understand others, we changed the title as soon as possible.

We didn't necessarily get it right the first time, but wanted to put it right, and that sometimes it what really counts.

The best bit of all this, was the feedback we got shortly after "that's a lovely thing to do, I thank you very much.... keep up the good work".

Now that makes it all worth it, and a far warmer feeling inside for us and our reader.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life