Take a second or two to look at the attached cartoon from Thinkinghumanity.com.  It's great isn't it?

So yes, we can always be in pursuit of something better, something shinier, more glamourous, bigger, nicer, whatever, but we do need to remember that those choices we make will have consequences of some way other.

How would it be, if we took another course of action, maybe looking at what we have, and made the most of that instead?

There are many many examples, and the cartoon shows a wonderful one. Take perhaps wanting to move house to have something bigger and better, yet the area you move to is different, or the house costs more money than you anticipated to renovate. Would that money have been better spent extending or updating where you lived before?

Take changing your car - the excitement of the research, the choice, the colour, the options. Then after a few months of having the new one, there is dirt all over the carpets, children's toys littered everywhere, that new car smell has been replaced by that random rotting piece of fruit which someone dropped on a long road trip (and of course, a shopping trolley has been introduced to the driver side door with great gusto). That happy, new car feeling and smile is no longer on your face (unless of course it is an Alfa Romeo you own, then it never fades - you buy one of those with your heart not your head).

Things which seem wonderful, frequently may turn out to be less so, the grass is not always greener on the other side, and quite often, we find out when working with our clients, that happiness is far closer and nearer than we first think.

Sometimes of course, change is necessary, and then, someone to rely on, supporting and guiding you every step of the journey is essential. 

We are free to make our choices, yet they will have an impact on what happens in the future, so let's make sure that the impact is in the positive way you want it to be whether it be financial or emotional. 

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life