For a quick second, think about how your reactions have changed since the advent of technology.

We use different words based on company names 'to google' for example, and interact in a different number of ways.  This week whilst sat in a hotel watching the news on television (and being frustrated about the pronunciation of flooded Coverack - which out of interest is locally pronounced Cov-rack), I had an urge to use a Facebook thumbs up for the resilience of the local residents.  Of course, that would be a major technology cross-over, but maybe one worth thinking about - instantly showing reactions to TV shows just like on Facebook Live!

Life has become almost instant at times, the number of times I think 'ooh, I'll  let my daughter know that a moment' only to realise that she is 8 and at school, and as such doesn't need a phone or other form of communication. Similarly, how many of us have email discussions with our spouses during the day, then have little to talk about in the evening?

It reminded me, that we don't always have to live in the online world, we can take a step back, write things down to remember, then discuss later on in the day.  Writing things down is important, as there is so much information flooding in to us every minute of the day, so our thoughts quickly get replaced with new ones, then we are in peril of forgetting the important things in favour of those which are perhaps less so.

A great tip - keep a note-book (or notes app on your phone) handy, record the things you want to say, and chat through all those important things later in the day, just like families used to. That way, you also avoid miscommunication.

Oh, and stop having conversations with the TV - just like I was!

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life