Whether it be oversized eyebrows, skinny jeans, or fidget spinners, people love to conform, to follow the herd, to be part of it all.

It may be down to fear - fear of rejection, fear of reprisal (like the bucket of crabs I regularly talk about), or it may be fear of not having the confidence to be different.

The thing is, that when we try to conform, we are squeezing ourselves into other people's expectations and values, into their perception, and away from our own beliefs and purpose.

Different can mean unique, or it can mean a little odd, but if it means following what you believe is true and right, then different is good, powerful and most likely, useful to others. Bear in mind that you will never make everyone happy, and you are already well on your way to your acceptance of being different.

So here are the three steps to let yourself flourish and be free...

1. Go against the flow.  Don't follow the herd just because they are going that way, go which way you feel is right.

2. Dare to be unpopular. If you have to compromise who you really are to be popular, then be unpopular rather than sacrifice your own happiness. You are in control of your own well being.

3. Embarrass yourself. Throw of the shackles of expectation, let your hair down, give it a go.

When I came across this article in www.tinybuddha.com  it resounded so much with me when we took a look at Serenity. We certainly don't believe in the old way of delivering financial advice (or more often known as selling stuff), and instead, opt to focus on the client, their lives and our relationships with them not their money. We will not compromise what we believe in, are happy to speak out, and do not need to win a popularity contest, we just need to be true to ourselves. Finally, how many financial planning firms would tour the UK with an inflatable crab as a mascot, never mind having a go at three different languages in one presentation.

Never worry about being yourself, have the confidence to follow those three steps, and enjoy the freedom they bring.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life