Now this may seem like a strange concept (with a whole pile of health warnings alongside), but sometimes, when you are slowly falling off the best intentions wagon, over indulgence may just be the way back on track.

As I write this, I have just returned from a very good friend's birthday meal. The temptation of a BBQ platter being too much to avoid, followed by an excessive pudding, all preceded by a sumptuous starter. The healthy eating intentions for the summer have well and true been pushed aside tonight!

However, to re-align intentions, and with strong memories of the rather bloated way I feel, perhaps this will prove to be a good exercise. It is almost like that 'morning after feeling' when you vow never to drink again, I presently feel as if spicy buffalo wings, a huge grill, and a basin of toffee and apple crumble should keep me steadfast for the rest of the summer. Yes, I ate it all intentionally, but not with the intention of feeling full to bursting point, yet there is a very strong lesson to be learned here.

When your good intentions go badly wrong, your planned activities suddenly falter, or you simply go to excess, treat it as a great learning point, a memory and a reinforcement of why you have made the effort in the first place, and why rather than beating yourself up, you should embrace the experience, the reinforcement of good activities and efforts, and reflect on how you feel and why you wouldn't like to feel this way frequently.

Whether it is health, fitness, money, spirituality or any area of your life, the same applies, take everything as a learning experience, and if it is not quite to plan, embrace the way you feel to make you stronger and more resolute.

Obviously don't suddenly go out and do everything to excess in the hope of helping you to change your ways, but if you do go beyond what is prudent, learn from it, and re-calibrate that off switch.

Together we can bring Serenity to your life