So were the words of wisdom from the Grandmother of Down The Corridor's Julian Danobeitia - an Executive Coach to many of us at Serenity.

Let's take a quick look at that statement...

Food - is it an awful thing to waste food? It would seem so when there are so many people starving. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to clear everything on your plate - just be careful (it can also be a waste on your waist). Be aware and mindful.

Resources - take a building site where much is discarded, scrapped. Much of that seems  unnecessary. Again, be aware, figure out if it is necessary.

How about money ? - Well, those who have heard him speak, will recall Julian's story about his Jewish Grandfather counting out the fivers on the table. Spending money intentionally is not necessarily a waste, but unintentionally spending it - that is spending without regard, well, that may well be waste.

Time - The other great commodity we seek more of. Throwing it away, drifting along, not being purposeful or intentional, well that may lead to huge regret one day. Time can very easily be wasted, however your time priorities are different to mine -we need to be aware of that.

Life - Combine all of the above together, and we get life, that thing which is for living, embracing and making the most of.

Now, it would be a sin to waste that wouldn't it.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life