Well, almost !

Studies from seven independent laboratories over 35 years have found that the human body 'can apparently detect randomly delivered stimuli occurring 1 - 10 seconds in the future (Mossbridge, Tressoldi & Utts - 2012).

In brief, the participant were exposed to unpredictive events, which showed that their nervous systems aligned with the nature of the events, and even more incredibly, the magnitude of the response corresponded with the magnitude of the post-event response.

So what does this all mean?

No doubt you are familiar with the feeling of having that sixth sense, of knowing when to react, not to follow a course of action, or instinctively move in a different way, and that is what this study is all about.

In the same way that animals can be observed to react ahead of a natural disaster, so it seems, that humans react ahead of things which we are not necessarily fully aware of.

Click through to the full article, it is fascinating.

It still doesn't mean however that investment fund managers can predict the markets (as they may claim), but they may just save themselves from falling under a bus.

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