It cannot be denied that the Finnish produce some great concepts and research. Their way of live is to be admired by many, and add to that, it is a stunning country full of warm and welcoming people.

Recently, researches have been assessing the most beneficial type of exercise to generate BDNF - (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) - which triggers the production of new neurons in the brain.

The new neurons help the brain to function as we aid, so the regular top up is an essential part of living well.

Running it seems, produced the highest number of new neurons, whereas weight training actually inhibited the production. 

Maybe there has been some long term understanding of exercise type if you cast your mind back to a stereotypical American high-school tv show, where the beef-cakes were portrayed as all muscle and no brain?

Or maybe, the benefit of running giving the benefits of being able to lose yourself in your thoughts, and then leaving those thoughts go such as in a meditation, produces a far greater benefit than just toning up the flabby belly and improving our cardio fitness.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life