As life passes by, there are inevitably many things  we regret.  

In our work at Serenity, we often do much of our work with people at a major crossroads in their lives - a time for great reflection and consideration, but also, frequently a time of deep regret.

In the attached article, thirty of the great regrets are listed.  This of course expands on Bronnie Ware's incredible book - 'the top five regrets of the dying', and perhaps gives a broader range to reflect on, maybe the impetus to take some form of action or reflection, rather than remaining full of regret.

For many people, 9. Not leaving a terrible job, and 24. Never stopping to appreciate here and now, are easily identifiable areas, which with a little reflection, can lead to rapid, if somewhat dramatic life changes.

Only last week I had a call from a client, who, following our discussions, had decided to resign from her job of many years. Actually, more accurately, she resigned from her manager - someone who constantly verbally bullied her at work. Therein lies another concept - that most people resign from their boss or manager, not the actual job. 

In any case, she can now enjoy the summer and autumn, free from regret, bullying and anxiety, and being able to appreciate the here and now.

Have a read through the thirty regrets and see if there are any which you may be able to action on, before it becomes too late.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life