Now this may seem like a bit of a bizarre headline - to claim that there is always enough time to get stuff done, but have a think and you will find it is true.

Imagine you are about to set off on our holidays, you have to pack, maybe make the house ready for guests whilst you are away, tie up any loose business ends, and all this in a couple of days. But guess what, you will get it all get done, one way or another.

Remember the last time you hosted a party. No matter how organised you were, I bet you didn't have the luxury of a 30 minute sit down before your guests arrived. I bet, that whether you threw everything together at the last minute, or spent the whole day making it perfect, you ran out of time with about 2 minutes to spare (either that or your first guests to arrive were those angel like friends who helped you finish off, and hung around at the end to help with the scrub-down).

Remember the last time you had a work deadline ? Again, I bet that you filled the time, and got it done - just in time. The reason for that - we move into auto-prioritisation, and do the stuff that really has to be done here and now, rather than just padding stuff out.

It seems that we have an innate skill of filling the time we have available, so how would it be if we added one more thing into that plan? If we scheduled time to complete something hugely important to us - COMPOSURE?

Instead of running yourself ragged, you could allow a little time to sit, reflect and chill out with those early guests, or have the report ready to go two hours early - wow - how much ease that would suddenly bring.

It is easy to fill our time, to prioritise our stuff away if it is not crucial for the task which lies ahead, and that is why stuff always gets done.  That then leads to the question - well, was the other stuff that got pushed aside really that important after all?

Probably not, or probably not as important as your own peace of mind and wellbeing - which is why we ought to build some of that time into every deadline.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life