Everyone needs a mentor - a guide, a coach, and an inspiration. Someone to reflect with, to gain support and understanding, and to look up to, as they move forwards in whatever it is they are working on.

If you have never mentored anyone, you may ask, well, what does the Mentor get out of all this (other than being paid if that is the arrangement, or a sense of well being)?

The more we work with others, sharing knowledge, understanding, reviewing, guiding, and contemplating, the more our own learnings are understood. 

Taking it a stage further, the more we understand about others, the more we understand about ourselves.

Therein lies the great Mentor's Gift - the wisdom and lessons that we derive by working with others. To listen and learn, to observe how things are dealt with, to reflect on what we are doing and to change the way we move forwards.

Much of our innovation at Serenity comes from what we learn with our clients - as it is a journey together.  From the daily time analysis, to the family accounting system, from the household budget planner to the bucket of crabs, they all originate from challenges which others have faced, we have learned, and can then impart to others, so that we all keep moving forwards.

Imagine being part of a group where such knowledge is shared and imparted to help others - now that really is the Mentor's gift.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life