As the song goes, followed by some yodelling, which I have no idea how to replicate in words.  I guess it may be :

'leddi o ya leddi o ya le di hoo' - go on, give it a go, I dare you.

The question here of course, is whether the goatherd was genuinely lonely, or whether he preferred the company of his animals rather than that of humans? Maybe being at one with nature  was more important to him than living in the town. Or maybe, he was actually lonely, miserable and longed for company.

The point is that we do not always know what motivates people to make their choices in life. What seems perfectly normal to us, may seem completely bizarre to others, and of course, the reverse applies.

When we assume that others want to adopt our values, approaches and viewpoints, we see conflict arise - both globally and internally, which is why, at Serenity, when we are not trying to hear in our heads how yodelling may sound, we listen to our clients to appreciate their perspective and values, and work with them, rather than impose our thoughts on how they should live.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life