Well, I guess we could go on for ever, but in the song from the Sound of Music, a key mention is 'Crisp Apple Strudel' - and who can resist that, certainly not me!

The song also goes on to mention less comfortable things, such as thunder and lightening, and bee stings.  Of course, a bee sting is not usually much fun, but an alpine thunderstorm, well, that is something to behold!

The whole point of this particular song is to give the Von Trapp children comfort by thinking about nice thoughts when they are frightened or uneasy. It works to a point, and gives us ease, but what if the issue doesn't go away?

In most films (the Sound of Music being no exception) the heroes of the film usually have to head towards their fears, to face up to the danger and overcome it.  Life is no different.

We can hope that everything will turn out all wonderful, but still need to face towards difficulty, deal with the obstacles, work through it, and then, when we come out the other side, we can truly appreciate the journey we have made.  

From Dante's Divine Comedy, to the most gentle of children's books, the story line is the same, also known as the hero's journey, that determination and struggle to achieve great things - the drive to keep going even though easier paths may present themselves.

Of course, without facing the fear of the thunderstorm, we would never appreciate the beauty of it as it rolls around the alpine peaks (whilst we eat another helping of strudel).

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life