So how did the nuns in the covent solve the problem of Maria? They sent her from the Convent.  So, maybe that didn't solve the 'problem' but just shifted it across to someone else to deal with.

Today, the Sound of Music takes us towards responsibility. To help, guide, problem solve and work with people, rather than perhaps a cold shoulder?

Of course, in the end, it all turned out well, and the nuns aided the family's escape, nevertheless, the song emphasises the exasperation of the convent with Maria.

Sometimes it is not easy to understand that other people think and operate differently to us. They see the world in a different way - possible completely alien as far as we are concerned, and may perhaps make us feel that they just do not care about their impact on others.

Frequently though, that is not the case. However they see things in their way, the way in which others (us for example) view life may be equally bizarre to them.

So how did the nuns fix the problem like Maria, that flippety jibbet? With love, care, support and understanding (and by removing the alternators from the Germans' cars).

Sometimes, we need to stand back and look at things through others eyes in order to help them as best as we can.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life