A romantic song, wonderful sentiments, and a key moment of the film.

Edelweiss - 'small and bright, clean and white'  - lines which epitomise the sentiment.

Actually, sorry to disappoint you, but it is not exactly lily white and bright, but more of an off white with a hint of grey.  Having said that, I would be delighted to come across some growing wild on the mountainside.

The romantic notion - that is what we are dealing with today. 

Cast your mind back to a great television programme from when you were growing up, Rentaghost or something similar perhaps? The best thing ever, Mr Claypole, Miss Popoff, quality viewing indeed.  Watch now however, and those romantic notions suddenly change. Maybe it wasn't as great as we thought (or actually maybe it was, we just appreciate less these days).

Of course, in the film, the sentimentality was a key element, as the affection for the grubby little plant (apologies all you horticulturalists) gave them a sense and purpose, as the song closes with the words 'bless my homeland for ever'.

A sentimental purpose and a perfect image - sometimes that is all we need to keep us going through adversity.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life