So can you remember this great song from the film ?

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do

A great way of learning and probably most of us can remember the description of each, even if tested but we may not know exactly what order they would come in.

The point is, to make learning fun - which is exactly what Maria did with the children. Everyone learns in a different way, and of course, the challenge facing the mainstream schools of today, is class size and how best to teach en masse.

Sometimes it is not until we are working through our careers that the light comes on, and we realise that communicating with others in the way they understand is far more beneficial for all.  I am not talking about trying to read and manipulate people, but by adopting even such a simple approach as asking which medium they prefer.

Some people prefer the written word, some audio, some video, and a whole host of other options as well.  Why make a message harder to understand by not putting in the easiest context or style?

At Serenity, we have been finding that some clients like a brief video explanation, and now, with technology, it is rather simple to talk people through things on the the screen and send it to then. All of a sudden, their understanding is enhanced, and the value they derive is far greater.

Deer, Sun, Myself, Long Way, Needle Pulling Thread, A note to follow So, A drink - see how easy that is to remember - and there is an ear worm for you for the rest of the day !

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life