A rich part of any travel experience is the people we meet, and a recent trip to Austria was no exception.

Firstly, we grew to know a wonderful family, the father of which is a biographer, a fascinating chap and totally engaging.  More of him at a later date no doubt.

The words of wisdom which struck us, came when we were on the way back to the airport and chatting to a headteacher about his return to work and regular schedule.  They went something like this...

"I don't check emails to see it there is anything urgent from someone, if it really is urgent, they will phone me".

That really hit home with me - how many times do we keep checking our emails on our phones in case there is something urgent? As he said, if it really is urgent, they will call me.

So from now on, here is what  I am going to do :

1. Switch off the email apps / laptop when I am not working.

2. Using the Boomerang app on Gmail, I can also pause my incoming emails - helping me to work on the inbox, without receiving interruptions.

3. Turn off as many notifications as possible, and schedule time for checking these.

4. Stop emailing / texting people during the day who I will see later on  - otherwise, what would we have to talk about? (keep a note though so you don't forget what you were going to talk about)

5. Turn off the technology at a certain time of the day.

6. Leave the phone in a room other than the bedroom overnight.

The point of all this?  To focus on those who matter, and to know, if there is a real urgency, people can still contact us.

Multi-tasking doesn't work. In his book 'The Myth Of Multitasking', Dave Crenshaw challenges the reader to write a short sentence "Multitasking is really switchtasking" then write 1 under M, 2 under U and so on.  

Firstly write the M then the 1, then U and 2  - and on you go switching between the letters and numbers.

Then, try it by writing all the letters, then all the numbers - check out the time difference, and how much easier the second method is than the first.

You don't multi-task, you inefficiently switch between tasks, hence the wisdom of simplifying your technology as in my points above.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your lives