Well here is an ironic piece of writing! 

As I start typing away, I am hunched, sat on a bar stool, legs crossed, and can feel the stress and strain in the back.  Add to that, carrying a 5 year old on my shoulders around a jousting display for much of the day, and it suddenly hits home how much we abuse our bodies - and spine in particular.

With the conscience hitting home hard, I have now lowered the stool, uncrossed my legs, and whilst this new typing position feels somewhat unusual, it seems to feel better (the only thing now is the height of the screen and the keyboard).

In the attached article, Life Advancer takes us through 5 poor sitting positions : the hunch, the lean, the lap look, a low chair and floor sitting.  I have to admit to falling foul of all of them - especially slouching on the sofa. 

Fortunately, by reading on, you can learn how each position can be rectified and corrected, but I give you this warning, as only 5 minutes into this new posture for typing, the muscles are feeling tired, but of course, it is far better for the correct muscles to feel tired than it is for the spine to buckle and curve the wrong way.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life