Yesterday the A level results came out. Delight for some, disappointment for others.  If you, or someone you know didn't get the all important grades for Uni, it may not be the end of the world (although it may seem so as your pals all head off to exciting new lives).

Obviously, if you want to be a doctor, dentist, vet, or a range of other professions who absolutely need a degree, then university is a pretty essential step.  If however your chosen profession does not have such requirements, all is not lost.

Take myself and my wife.  I went to university (had an extra first year because I enjoyed the life more than the studying, hence had to re-sit all the exams again), graduated in Business Studies and Social Administration, then started to work in Lloyds Bank. The only benefit of the degree in the bank was an additional £1,000 a year for the first two years. In the last 24 years, has the degree made any difference to me at all ? Just £2k of additional income (which back in the day roughly balanced out the very first student loans).

Here is the point, employers like experience and character. Ultimately, for the most part, you will be successful on who you are, not what is written on a piece of paper. I am sure you can think of plenty of people who have all the qualifications going, but have minimal common sense, none of us have to look too far to spot those.

Now, my wife however, left school after A levels, started work, completed her accountancy qualifications on day release at the local college, and became a ACCA qualified accountant at 23, and a Fellow at 30.

One of us took four years our to lol around and enjoy the student life, the other cracked on with work and study at the same time, gaining valuable experience along the way. Workplace education is not to be underestimated, and guess what? Once you have a degree and start work, there are plenty more exams coming your way.

So have a think, which is really the best way?

Tomorrow, we will look at the financial aspect of working v uni.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life