Can you picture how your last couple of years of life will be?

Will they be full of activity, fun, and vibrancy, or will they be spent slouched in a chair, waiting for the days to end, a sort of mundane existence? 

It should be no surprise, that the better we look after ourselves, the greater our chances of living a long and healthy life will increase. A long life is one thing, a good life, now that is something else altogether.

Here are eight ways the Japanese suggest will enhance your quality AND quantity of life...

  1. Practise healthy eating
  2. Be active everyday
  3. Embrace your youth
  4. Stay Occupied
  5. Contribute to society
  6. Share what you know
  7. Every discipline has value
  8. Follow your instincts      

Most of these things seem obvious, yet I wonder how many people reaching the end of their lives wish they could turn the clock back and have another chance at each of them.

Together we can bring some Serenity to you life