Since 12th October, every day at Serenity, we have been posting at least one article - some with financial connotations, but most are based around your life, your health, the things which probably matter most to you, and which will generally have a far greater impact on your life than just money. There is plenty of commentary on line about money, and so we leave that to others for the most part.  What is important, is the link between happiness, goals, the future and how that impacts on our finances.

Many readers have told us that they log on every morning to see what that day's article is all about, that is hugely reassuring and great to hear.  Of course, to release 335 articles in the space of 10 months, bringing over 24,000 page views has been a great joy, and to preserve the quality, benefit and impact to our readers, we are going to move to weekly posts, usually on Wednesdays.

Post-blindness is a key thing which seems to invade social media. That person who is continually posting on Facebook - well, you tend to shut off. By the same token, sometimes, regular information snippets and ideas, no matter how useful they can be, just get ignored 'oh it's just him posting again, lets skip that' is often the thought.

Don't worry though, if you need your daily fix of articles, we will be back posting them in a library link from the Serenity website during the autumn.

Why Wednesdays? 

Well, seriously, who has time to wade through articles on a Monday morning? Tuesdays is good - I get a great email every Tuesday, but that is really the day to get going. Wednesdays however, well, the franticness of the start of the week has passed, and the weekend is only a couple of days away, which is when many people start to make plans for change, for reflection and maybe to amend their habits or do something different.  It gives you two days to get ready, motivated and prepared.

If of course you have any thoughts about this, then please email me or comment under this article, so that we can continue to bring you the value you obviously enjoy by reading these articles.

See you all next Wednesday

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life