The start of September marks the return to school for all those children out there.  Fresh uniforms, excitement of catching up with friends, new adventures about to start - what could be better? 

Jump forwards a few years, and we have the start of University for those same people - new identities, new environments, new experiences.

Then jump forwards again, and the graduates or school leavers start their jobs in earnest. Be it new training in a job, or basic training in the military, much of it happens in September.

As a parent, those exciting feelings still ring true as we share those thoughts and anticipations with our children, but also, our own reclamation of the norm. 6 weeks of school holidays behind us, and a return to a structure, a level of  organisation, and the chance to start some things afresh, with renewed vigour, and to take a new look at the world.

We know that many of our feelings and attitudes, to both money and the world around us are often shaped by those formative years, and perhaps that is why September seems so uplifting.

If you are looking for a chance of thought, a direction, or a way of rationalising things, I recently came across a great book.  It is a daily book - a page a day, not even a couple of paragraphs sometimes. Even better, it is written with the date at the top of the page so you cannot go too far wrong, and if you miss a day, well that's fine, pick up on the right date next time.

'The Daily Stoic' is a book of 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance and the art of living' - here's the Amazon Link  £7.99 of pure wisdom and making sense of stuff.

September seems to be a time to start something new, maybe because we really appreciate the sunny warm days (whilst expecting wet and windy all the time), maybe it is our conditioning through our formative years, maybe it is because in this month I joined Serenity several years ago (I also became a Dad for the first time 9 years ago later this month - the start of an adventure if there ever was one).

Either way, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and a different perspective helps to create sense and freedom of many situations, and that is the whole point of financial life planning - freedom!

So what is it that you are going to do differently this September?  Let us know.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life