A key part of any planning for the future includes time, be it how long we have to save, how long we need our assets to last, and more importantly, how long we have left.

Of course, without experiencing something, it rarely seems real, and as such, we may think we are invincible, immortal even. Blink and 5 years have passed, the next thing, you are approaching 50, then 60, then 70, and we look towards a long retirement.

What if you don't get that far though? What if all the clever planning and calculations was all for nothing? What if reading this was the last thing you will ever do?

Following the Kinder Institute approach to Financial Life Planning, at Serenity, we use George's famous three questions, which give our clients the opportunity to dream without restriction, to reflect on a limited time and finally, to reflect on any regrets or things they have missed.

This excellent video gives 3 minutes of excellent reflection - taking the third question a little further. 

Everyone can spare 3 minutes, especially, when it could have a profound impact on your future.

Follow the onscreen instructions when it says 'hold your breath' and don't leave go until told to.

This may give you that moment you might need to reflect on your life, and make a huge thought shift.

Once you then know what is important to you, then is the time to start planning - be it making the most now of what you have, or leaving a legacy.  Whatever it is, (and everyone is different), it is never too late to start making that change. That is what we do here at Serenity.

Together, we can bring some Serenity to your life